Introducing the CypherCaster Magazine


The newly formed CypherCast Network’s premiere project will be a digital magazine devoted to covering Monte Cook Games (MCG) products.

The CypherCaster Magazine will launch in May 2015 with an intended publishing frequency of every two months. This is an unofficial but licensed magazine and content will be largely fan-driven.

The types of content will include, but not be limited to:

  • MCG product previews
  • Licensed product previews
  • Adventures, standalone & serialized
  • Recursions
  • Show’ems and plot seeds
  • Cyphers, Artifacts, & Oddities
  • Creatures
  • Fiction, short & serialized
  • Hacks
  • GM tips & tricks
  • Pre-generated characters
  • MCG Asset Team news & events
  • MCG Organized Play news

Submissions will be accepted for future issues, under approval by the editorial staff.

Finally, a Cypher System magazine for the fans, by the fans!

CypherCaster Magazine, Issue 001
(May 2015)


The first issue of the CypherCaster Magazine, releasing in May, will include:

  • MCG product preview by David Wilson Brown
  • Shotguns & Sorcery interview with Matt Forbeck & Robert Schwalb by Andrew Cady
  • Mashed Up Column by James Walls
  • New Cypher System GM Column by Darcy L. Ross
  • “Shapes in the Salt”, Numenera short fiction by Jim Ryan
  • “Hunting for Krofwarten”, a Numenera adventure by Chris Fitzgerald
  • “Estate Files” covering a Norse Mythology recursion cluster by Marc Plourde
  • “Holstenwall — A Recursion of Gothic Fear” by Scott Robinson
  • MCG Asset Team Events by David Wilson Brown

The stunning cover art by Jeff Brown conveys the vast wonder of the Ninth World of Numenera (or perhaps a recursion in the Strange). A copy of the artwork without the masthead and trade dress will be included for use in your games.

The magazine will be available from DriveThruRPG when released.

What is the CypherCast Network?

Back in October 2012, I started a podcast along with Eric Coates and Jim Ryan that we called “Transmissions from the Ninth World”. It was to cover news and info about the newly Kickstarted game from Monte Cook called Numenera.

I really can’t believe that here, in early 2015, we have produced 17 episodes of “TF9W” and 5 episodes of the sister podcast, “Translating the Strange” (along with Brandon Ording and Darcy Ross). I was also the founder of “The Ninth World Hub” Numenera fan site and “The Strange Place” (not well supported) fan site. I have also started the “Numenera Fans” and “The Strange RPG” G+ communities. All said, I have a lot of love for Monte Cook Games- its games, its creators, and its fans.

So, as the year turned and I moved on from a previous project, I sought to refocus my energies around MCG fandom. How could I serve it best and grow forward?

I came up with moving my support under a unified banner, and thus the CypherCast Network was born. Both podcasts will be under this banner and some new projects will be as well. One of those projects is so major I can’t even discuss it yet.

As for “The Ninth World Hub”, we long ago moved from it’s original Ning site (due to cost and bad upgrade path) and it was brought under Michael Fienan’s “The Ninth World” site umbrella for hosting. We’re looking at new options to revise and expand “The Hub”.

While talking about my plans for the CypherCast Network, MCG’s plans for me came to light. It was out of those plans that I was made the official Fan Relations Coordinator for MCG.

CypherCast Network projects will still continue and grow much more beyond just my involvement and remain a separate entity from official MCG products. But hopefully my involvement with MCG will only increase my exposure and access to bring you, their fans, the best information about the games that we love.

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