The CypherCast – Episode 7

On the latest episode of the CypherCast, we have the fantastic Bruce Cordell talking about Myth of the Maker, The Strange boxset, Expanded Worlds, and lots more!

The CypherCast – Episode 7


The CypherCast – Episode 6

Welcome to the sixth episode of The CypherCast!

This episode, we have an interview with the Creative Lead of the first ever Cypher System video game, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Mr. Colin McComb! Colin is an old friend of the CypherCast Network and an amazing game developer with a long history.
Join us as we talk to him and cover the latest in Cypher System news.

CypherCaster Magazine Issue 008

The latest issue of CypherCaster Magazine is now on sale!


The eighth issue of the CypherCaster Magazine includes:

  • We talk with Bruce Cordell about the Numenera Character Options 2 and cover two new Numenera adventure releases
  • An update on the new expansions to No Thank You, Evil!
  • Begin your first Trial of Champions in a new series by Michael Peters
  • We present a challenging multi-GM adventure The Idealizer by Dave Hanlon & Troy Pichelman
  • The Fade, a horror themed Numenera adventure by Skjalg Kreutzer
  • Our first Gods of the Fall adventure, Thirst by Marc Plourde
  • Check out a few new “Mundane Foci” by Paul Connolly
  • Scott Robinson helps you Extend and Customize horror themed games
  • Surprise your players with a slasher inspired horror tale “Prom night, Bloody Prom Night” by Rustin Coones
  • Discover a new way to present tomes of power in-game with Scott Robinson’s “Players Guide to Ardeyn”

Our cover shows the final scene from Marc Plourde’s Thirst where Gods of the Fall characters take on the powerful Matron Desolator, illustrated by Piotrek Antoniak

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