On the nineteenth episode of the CypherCast, Andrew, Dani and Jim talk to MCG developer Sean Reynolds. We talk about what’s coming up for Invisible Sun and Numenera Discovery and Destiny. We also get to hear about the nature of Sean’s work at Monte Cook Games and – most importantly – we get details about his cats.

The CypherCast – Episode 19

Cyphercaster Magazine Issue 010

Have you checked out the new issue of CypherCaster Magazine?


The tenth issue of the CypherCaster Magazine includes:

  • Syzygy ghouls, Aeon priests, and a sinister annual celebration come to us via John Neary’s “Festival of the Syzygy Compromise“.
  • Join the scurrilous pirates of the Red Fleet for the holiday known as “Stellar Sounding“, a scurvy Numenera setting by Megan Tolentino.
  • From Hans Chun comes the Predation holiday that celebrates the breaking of time travel itself, “The Last Commute”.
  • Ever desire to play a character with a nearly uncontrollable Dark Side?  Experience the terror of the monster within with “Dark Cyphers“, a Cypher System Rules modification set where the heroes are themselves monsters.
  • Enjoy Victorian super heroic pulp adventure at it’s finest with the Christopher Negelein’s “League of Xceptional Ladies part 1:  Bake Sale!”  the first of a 3 part pulp adventure campaign for the Cypher System Rules.
  • Andrew Montgomery brings us the first of three installments of his new campaign setting “Emberheart:  Survivors in a Dying World“, a world where the deceased and decaying body of The Creator Himself is the land inhabited by the players.
  • From Aser Tolentino comes the “Wandering Carnival“, an adventure setting for players of The Strange.
  • We sit down with Lee Pruitt of Ravendesk Games to take a look at their new game VURT the RPG, a hallucinatory cyberpunk setting in this issue’s Product Preview .

Our cover shows the carnival fortune teller who claimed she could reveal your future for but a piece of silver.  What terrors and delights await you beyond a turn of the cards?  Cover art by Rustin Coones.

CypherCaster Magazine Issue 10

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