For our fifteenth episode of the CypherCast, we ring in the new year with a casual discussion in which we share how we started GMing both the Cypher System and RPGs in general. Hosts this episode are Andrew Cady, Dani Neary and Jim Ryan.

The CypherCast – Episode 15



On this, the fourteenth episode of the CypherCast, we talk about MCG’s newest setting, Unmasked! We also take a leisurely detour through the music, movies and other events of 1986. Hosting for this episode are Jim Ryan and Dani Neary, with guest William Keller.

The CypherCast – Episode 14

CypherCaster Magazine is Back!

Check out the latest issue of CypherCaster Magazine, back after a hiatus.


The ninth issue of the CypherCaster Magazine includes:

  • We talk with Bruce Brenneise about making art, and how he creates fantastical landscapes for games such as Numenera 2.
  • Explore the mysterious Waters of Deleon, a Numenera setting and adventure by Megan Tolentino
  • We present a second Numenera setting and adventure with The Head in the Cliffs by Sharang Biswas
  • Explore The Mourning Star, a chaos ship and crew supplement for The Strange by JR Fryer
  • Our first Predation adventure, Hidden Truths by Rustin Coones
  • Read why you shouldn’t hoard your cyphers in Use Me Please, Said the Cypher to the Player by Dani Neary
  • John Neary presents As The World Turns, a weird tale of Numenera short fiction

Our cover shows a scene from Rustin Coones’ Hidden Truths where Predation characters take on a mighty Tyranosaurus Rex that blocks their way, illustrated by Rustin Coones.

CypherCaster Magazine Issue 9

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