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The CypherCast – Episode 4

Welcome to the fourth episode of The CypherCast!

Our regular hosts are joined by guest host Dani Neary, a Cypher System GM and Asset Team, member to talk about GMing in the Cypher System.
As usual, we provide news and CypherCast Network updates.

The CypherCast – Episode 4

CypherCaster Magazine Issue 008

The latest issue of CypherCaster Magazine is now on sale!


The eighth issue of the CypherCaster Magazine includes:

  • We talk with Bruce Cordell about the Numenera Character Options 2 and cover two new Numenera adventure releases
  • An update on the new expansions to No Thank You, Evil!
  • Begin your first Trial of Champions in a new series by Michael Peters
  • We present a challenging multi-GM adventure The Idealizer by Dave Hanlon & Troy Pichelman
  • The Fade, a horror themed Numenera adventure by Skjalg Kreutzer
  • Our first Gods of the Fall adventure, Thirst by Marc Plourde
  • Check out a few new “Mundane Foci” by Paul Connolly
  • Scott Robinson helps you Extend and Customize horror themed games
  • Surprise your players with a slasher inspired horror tale “Prom night, Bloody Prom Night” by Rustin Coones
  • Discover a new way to present tomes of power in-game with Scott Robinson’s “Players Guide to Ardeyn”

Our cover shows the final scene from Marc Plourde’s Thirst where Gods of the Fall characters take on the powerful Matron Desolator, illustrated by Piotrek Antoniak

CypherCaster Issue 007 – Now on Sale!


The seventh issue of the CypherCaster Magazine includes:

  • MCG Product Preview – Summer 2016, Check out the Torment Tides of Numenera Explorer’s Guide
  • An in-depth interview with Monte Cook about the exciting new RPG project, Invisible Sun
  • The latest Streets of Qi, by Chris Fitzgerald, shares what’s in Ezkros Tower
  • An addition to Andrew Montgomery-Hurrell’s third party Numenera sourcebook, Rusthaven- The Ridden
  • A Numenera adventure from CypherCaster first-timer Skjalg Kreutzer of Norway called Dawn of the Black City
  • A short Sector Agents article that talks more about the Sector Agents themselves and shares some notable NPCs.
  • The Estate Dossier: Mecha World is a new batch of show ’ems for The Strange by Marc Plourde.
  • Field Mission, a short Strange fiction by Andrew Cady about the Estate seeking to stop a cult from opening a dangerous portal.
  • Tanshen’s Guide to Zuomeng:  The Southeast Region in the Realm of Lan is setting material for Zuomeng, by Rustin Coones, Scott Robinson, & Jennifer Ross.
  • Some photos from the recent Gen Con, highlighting some of the CypherCaster crew and MCG booth and game room!

Our cover shows Captain Heixióng leading the crew of The Kingfisher in repelling an ambush by the Striped Frogmen of Lu. This colorful Zuomeng piece is illustated by Nic “shugmonkey” Brennan.

Cover for CypherCaster 007 revealed


We are thrilled to be able to share with our readers the cover for CypherCaster Magazine issue 007, done by Nic (shugmonkey) Brennan.

This action packed cover focuses on the Strange recursion of Zuòmèng as the final part of our series will be featured in this issue. Zuòmèng, a far east pirate tale with anthropomorphic animals, was created by Rustin Coones, Scott Robinson, & Jennifer Ross. You can check out the first two parts of the series in issue 005 and issue 006 of the CypherCaster Magazine, available at

CypherCaster Magazine Open for Contributions

Are you a fan of Monte Cook Games’ Cypher System? Are you a creative sort who would like to share your work? Then the CypherCaster Magazine could be your avenue!

The way CypherCaster contributions works is you submit an idea and we’ll give you the thumbs up or maybe some suggestions- we’ve rarely rejected anyone, mostly just recommended some tweaks to your pitched approach.
We operate on a profit sharing model since it’s fan driven. For each full page you contribute, you get 1% of profit minus any percentage of the page taken up by art not provided by you. All our issues are best sellers on DrivethruRPG, so you’ll get a pretty steady return in perpetuity. Your royalty comes to you immediately with each purchase!
Our focus tends to lean towards adventures, setting info, advice, ‘show’ems’, and short fiction (usually no more than one per issue). And once you’ve contributed, you’d be welcome to contribute as often as you want if we’ve got the space and it works with our plan for variety.
Please contact for more information!

CypherCaster Magazine Issue 006 (May 2016)


The sixth issue of the CypherCaster Magazine, our extra-sized first anniversary issue, includes:

  • MCG Product Preview – Summer 2016, Focus on the upcoming Gods of the Fall with an excerpt of fiction by Bruce R. Cordell and our review of the new Divine Dominion mechanic.
  • The latest Streets of Qi, by Chris Fitzgerald, looks at Miranda’s House, a boarding house in Qi full of interesting NPCs.
  • Sector Agents, a pulpy space setting featuring law agents of the Galactic Union. Many contributors present this twenty page section with setting information, alien species, a location, and two complete missions!
  • Hacking the Cypher System: Vehicles with Character by Marc Plourde. An article how to build ships that reflect the type of character building that the Cypher System usually reserves for player characters. (A great companion piece to the Sector Agents material).
  • Field Mission, a short Strange fiction by Andrew Cady about the Estate seeking to stop a cult from opening a dangerous portal.
  • Across the Seas of Zuòmèng: To Climates Unknown, part 2 of our Zuòmèng Strange recursion. This part is a full adventure set in the world of Zuòmèng, by Rustin Coones, Scott Robinson, & Jennifer Ross.
  • An interview with MCG’s new Community Relations Coordinator, Sean K. Reynolds

The action-packed painted cover art by Yannick Bouchard ties into the fiction that starts the extended feature, Sector Agents.

Get it at DrivethruRPG