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CypherCaster Magazine is Back!

Check out the latest issue of CypherCaster Magazine, back after a hiatus.


The ninth issue of the CypherCaster Magazine includes:

  • We talk with Bruce Brenneise about making art, and how he creates fantastical landscapes for games such as Numenera 2.
  • Explore the mysterious Waters of Deleon, a Numenera setting and adventure by Megan Tolentino
  • We present a second Numenera setting and adventure with The Head in the Cliffs by Sharang Biswas
  • Explore The Mourning Star, a chaos ship and crew supplement for The Strange by JR Fryer
  • Our first Predation adventure, Hidden Truths by Rustin Coones
  • Read why you shouldn’t hoard your cyphers in Use Me Please, Said the Cypher to the Player by Dani Neary
  • John Neary presents As The World Turns, a weird tale of Numenera short fiction

Our cover shows a scene from Rustin Coones’ Hidden Truths where Predation characters take on a mighty Tyranosaurus Rex that blocks their way, illustrated by Rustin Coones.

CypherCaster Magazine Issue 9

The CypherCast – Episode 13

On the thirteenth episode of the CypherCast, hosts Andrew, Jim, and Dani are joined by James Walls, author of the Living 4 Crits blog and master of game mashups, ad-libbing and going off the rails. He talks about adapting various settings to the Cypher System, as well as combining very different ideas into a single game.

The CypherCast – Episode 13