Cover for CypherCaster 007 revealed


We are thrilled to be able to share with our readers the cover for CypherCaster Magazine issue 007, done by Nic (shugmonkey) Brennan.

This action packed cover focuses on the Strange recursion of Zuòmèng as the final part of our series will be featured in this issue. Zuòmèng, a far east pirate tale with anthropomorphic animals, was created by Rustin Coones, Scott Robinson, & Jennifer Ross. You can check out the first two parts of the series in issue 005 and issue 006 of the CypherCaster Magazine, available at

2 thoughts on “Cover for CypherCaster 007 revealed”

    1. Absolutely! We delayed because of Gen Con and getting an interview on the Invisible Sun. We’re hoping that by this weekend it will be out. The cover date has logically been changed to August. The following issue will be an October one.


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