CypherCaster Magazine Open for Contributions

Are you a fan of Monte Cook Games’ Cypher System? Are you a creative sort who would like to share your work? Then the CypherCaster Magazine could be your avenue!

The way CypherCaster contributions works is you submit an idea and we’ll give you the thumbs up or maybe some suggestions- we’ve rarely rejected anyone, mostly just recommended some tweaks to your pitched approach.
We operate on a profit sharing model since it’s fan driven. For each full page you contribute, you get 1% of profit minus any percentage of the page taken up by art not provided by you. All our issues are best sellers on DrivethruRPG, so you’ll get a pretty steady return in perpetuity. Your royalty comes to you immediately with each purchase!
Our focus tends to lean towards adventures, setting info, advice, ‘show’ems’, and short fiction (usually no more than one per issue). And once you’ve contributed, you’d be welcome to contribute as often as you want if we’ve got the space and it works with our plan for variety.
Please contact for more information!

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